Kilimanjaro can be climbed all-round the year. However, the month of January to March are considered As Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro due to their mild temperatures and no clouds in the first part of the day and late evening. During the day however, there may be few short showers or little snow on the summit.

The principle wet season starts at the end of March and goes on until end of May. For Kilimanjaro climbers, this implies clouds may block visibility and there may be heavy rains on the lower altitudes and snow on the summit. June, July and August can be cold, however visibility is generally excellent. Temperatures ascend in September and October, however during this time, there is frequently a belt of fog on the center altitudes, leaving the top of the summit through the clouds.

November and December have the ideal visibility in the nights and morning, yet short rains during the day and rainstorms at the late evening are common however, this is also popular period of trekking.